Coral World Ocean and Reef Initiative (CWORI) is working to conserve our marine environment.

For All of Us

a sea turtle diving near some coral in the Caribbean Ocean

Making a difference through…

Coral Reef
& Research

Rescue &

& Education

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Your generous donations support our work to conserve coral reefs and the marine environment, to expand our coral research, and to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. 

Through our education and internship programs, we can pass on this valuable knowledge and training to the next generation of environmental guardians.


hands cupping 6 sea turtle hatchlings

Our Partnerships

Proud member of the Virgin Islands Coral Disease Advisory Committee

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Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation center and proud member of the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rescue Network

Member of the Virgin Islands Network of Environmental Educators

Our Initiatives

coral reef conservation
& research

CWORI is dedicated to the conservation of Coral Reefs through research, resource management, and education for a sustainable future.

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CWORI rescues and rehabilitates wildlife, particularly turtles and birds in collaboration with other local agencies.


CWORI provides internship opportunities in coral restoration and educational programs in association with educators in local schools.