To conserve marine habitats and wildlife through rescue, rehabilitation, restoration, and research and to empower others through public education.


A world in which humans interact with the marine environment in ways that preserve its natural resources and ensure the availability of these resources for future generations.

Our Partnerships

Proud member of the Virgin Islands Coral Disease Advisory Committee

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Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation center and proud member of the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rescue Network

Member of the Virgin Islands Network of Environmental Educators

Our Organization

a woman on a beach releasing a sea turtle back into the wild

Erica Palmer

Rehabilitation Manager

Logan Williams studies fish in a tank

Logan Williams

Conservation Manager

Board of Directors

Cornelius B. Prior, Jr.

Robert L. Kellar

Gertrude J. Prior
Secretary / Treasurer

John H. Sterne, Jr.

There are lots of ways to help CWORI conserve our marine environment. Donate, volunteer, or get your
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Together we can make a difference.

Help protect our one worldwide ocean and its coral reefs