Rescue and Rehabilitation

Working with other local and federal agencies, CWORI rescues and
rehabilitates wildlife, particularly sea turtles and birds.

We have helped hundreds of injured and stranded animals and provide emergency response to reports of injured, sick, or stranded wildlife. Our rescue and rehabilitation team includes exotic animal veterinarians, veterinary technicians, biologists, marine mammal experts and volunteers.

Most recently, we released a mature female loggerhead turtle affectionately named Mahogany. For the details of her story CLICK HERE. Click below to track Mahognay’s journey from St. Croix back to the beach in Guyana, South America where we believe she likely hatched.

We also have built professional connections with facilities throughout the US that broaden our access to experts in varied species. This allows us to care for a large variety of wildlife and ensure that each case receives the best possible care, as well as the best likelihood of reintroduction.

A female sea turtle heads back to the ocean after being rehabilitated by Coral World Ocean and Reef Initiative (CWORI) following a shark attack.
two monitors show the xrays of the hawksbill turtle CT scans

Animals in rehabilitation are overseen directly day to day by our Rehabilitation Manager who provides their daily care, therapy, and nutritional requirements. When needed, outside diagnostics are performed with local veterinarians as well as local physicians! Our Rehabilitation Manager also functions as our animal emergency first responder and fields reports of injured, sick, or stranded wildlife all over the island.

We have also assisted animals on other islands as well, including the British Virgin Islands. Our goal is reintroduction to the wild; however, we have found appropriate homes in those instances when re-introduction is not possible. We are committed to conservation of our marine and terrestrial wildlife. Both short and long-term rehabilitation is expensive, time-consuming, and often exhausting, but our rehabilitation team is dedicated to ensuring the welfare of our rehabilitation animals.

A hawksbill turtle lies on a CT scan bed waiting for a CT scan

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